Proxmox VE Training Courses

Learn how to deploy, manage, and monitor virtualization environmentsOur training courses (instructor-led virtual or classroom) help you to master the open-source server virtualization platform Proxmox VE with ease. A structured training is a great investment for IT professionals and teams: It increases productivity, reduces operating costs, advances your personal career, and allows you to be a recognized expert for employers and customers. The certified instructors from Proxmox Server Solutions or an Authorized Proxmox Training Partners will help you to learn and understand the concepts and functionality of Proxmox VE in just a few days.

Why you should visit a Proxmox VE training:

  • Master all concepts and features of the Proxmox VE platform
  • Gain in-depth server virtualization expertise from certified instructors
  • Learn real-life scenarios in hands-on, practical labs
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues more efficiently
  • Gain recognition from your boss, peers, and your customers
  • Benefit from the promotion "Training Plus" (20% off of your subscriptions)

Proxmox VE Bundle

Get the best value for money with the complete training course bundle: You learn the fundamentals of server virtualization as well as advanced topics like clustering, high availability, fencing, and distributed storage - in only a few days.

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Proxmox VE Installation and Administration

This basic training is aimed at IT professionals who want to learn how to deploy and manage KVM virtual machines, Linux containers, or the Proxmox Firewall in a single node setup within their network. No previous Proxmox VE experience required.

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Proxmox VE Advanced

This practical training course addresses advanced IT professionals who want to administer a Proxmox VE cluster, understand high availability, use live migration, and different storage solutions (e.g., Ceph and ZFS).

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Video Tutorials Proxmox VE

Short step-by-step demonstrations and How-tos about Proxmox VE features.

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