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Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd.

Markos Vakondios and Dimitris Beletsiotis from Greek Dynacom Tankers Management decided to acquire advanced virtualization know-how to be well prepared in designing their new data center based on Proxmox Virtual Environment. In April 2014 they participated in the training Proxmox VE Advanced at Odiso (now: Cyllene), an authorized Proxmox training partner in France.

"The seminar was carried out in a very professional and efficient way, focusing on our actual needs and driven by our questions and comments. The training topics covered all of the advanced aspects of Proxmox VE, as well as an overview on aspects with which we already were familiar with, focusing only on the important details. All the topics that we really needed familiarization with were fully covered in detail, with hands-on examples and labs."

"Our trainer, Mr Alexandre Derumier, is an expert with Proxmox VE, with a lot of experience in the 'real life' usage of the software and other closely related technologies such as ZFS, SANs, etc. He was able to transfer the knowledge openly and clearly, addressing the most important aspects of the subject, as well as indicating crucial details, essential to prevent us from production level pitfalls."

"Overall, it was a pleasant and productive experience, offering exactly what we were looking for, helping us to gain both theoretical and practical experience to get off the ground in designing our new data center based on Proxmox VE."

Markos Vakondios / Dimitris Beletsiotis
Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd.

About Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd.
Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd. (DTM) was founded in 1991 to manage oil tankers. Since 1991 DTM’s fleet has been significantly expanded and modernized and the company has developed a strong network of customer relationships and a reputation for transportation excellence among quality-sensitive customers. DTM has a strong presence in the oil industry, delivering over 1.8 million barrels of cargo daily, with vessels calling at more than 1,000 ports yearly – linking international economies and serving customers worldwide.