Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.3 (released on November 22, 2022) includes various enhancements:

  • Debian 11.5 (Bullseye), but using a newer Linux kernel 5.15 or 5.19;
  • QEMU 7.1, LXC 5.0.0, and ZFS 2.1.6;
  • Ceph Quincy 17.2.5 and Ceph Pacific 16.2.10;
  • Tags for virtual guests are enabled in the GUI;
  • Initial support for Cluster Ressource Scheduling with new mode „Static Load“. The new TOPSIS tool uses the "total memory" and "vCPU" properties of the HA resource to guide the decision on which node in the cluster a HA resource is started on.
  • New Container templates: AlmaLinux 9, Rocky Linux 9, Ubuntu 22.10, etc.
  • Proxmox Offline Mirror: to update policy-restricted or air-gapped systems;
  • and much more....

For a complete list of changes, view the release notes which also include upgrade guidance:

For best quality, watch the video in full screen mode (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, ...).