This video will show how to use the Proxmox VE Import Wizard to migrate VMware ESXi VMs to Proxmox Virtual Environment. Version 8.2 provides an integrated VM importer using the storage plugin system for native integration into the API and web-based user interface. You can use this to import a VMware ESXi VM as a whole. The video demonstrates the following steps:

  • Mounting the host as a new Proxmox storage
  • Launching the Import Wizard for the Windows 2022 Server
  • Resulting configuration and import
  • Import progress
  • First boot of the imported VM
  • Enabling VirtIO SCSI boot
  • Device Manager – final checks
  • and much more....

Read the step-by-step guide:

For best quality watch the video in full screen mode (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, ...).