Watch the highlights of Proxmox Backup Server version 1.0 (released November 11, 2020):

  • Based on Debian Buster 10.6, with Linux kernel version 5.4 (LTS)
  • ZFS 0.8.4
  • Proxmox VE is fully supported - easily backup VMs (supporting QEMU dirty bitmaps) and containers.
  • Deduplication - avoids redundancy and minimizes the storage space used.
  • Incremental backups - Reading and sending only the changes reduces the storage and network impact.
  • Ultra-fast Zstandard compression - compress several gigabytes per second.
  • Data integrity with SHA-256 checksum algorithm - for accuracy and consistency of your backups.
  • Remote synchronization across multiple remote locations
  • Encryption on client-side with AES-256 in Galois/Counter mode - very high performance on modern hardware.
  • Easy management with web-based user interface & CLI
  • Maintenance task scheduling – Advanced scheduling of maintenance tasks, with fine-grained control.
  • Support Subscriptions from your Proxmox team
  • Open-source license: GNU AGPL, v3

For more details see the release notes:

Watch the video in full screen mode for best quality (with chrome, firefox, ...).