There are many ways you can get support for your Proxmox products: If you have a technical request, you can submit a ticket to the Proxmox experts, or seek answer in the community forum which has tens of thousands of active users worldwide. You can find help in the documentation, start a discussion on the mailing lists, watch videos, or get trained with certified Proxmox trainers.

Enterprise Support Services

Business continuity is at the heart of any organization. Proxmox Support can provide technical assistance to resolve issues and help you avoid disruptions in business operations to keep your business running smoothly.

Support Subscriptions

Proxmox Subscriptions are the additional service you need to keep your deployments running smoothly. Combining open-source software with high-quality enterprise support allows you to keep your deployments up to date and get access to technical experts when you need them.

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Benefit of a subscription

  • Access to stable Proxmox Enterprise Repositories
  • Timely feature and security updates (via GUI and CLI)
  • Technical support from the Proxmox developers
  • Convenient support ticket system to track your requests
  • Flexible levels of support
  • Access to all updates, patches and security fixes

For software used in production environments and business-critical solutions, we recommend getting a subscription. No matter which subscription level, you will get access to the stable, extensively tested Proxmox Enterprise Repositories ensuring reliable software updates and security enhancements.

Proxmox Customer Portal

Even the most savvy user will sometimes need a little help. Whether it's error messages, unexplained or unexpected behaviors, or incidents and outages. Technical help from Proxmox experts is available with our subscription service. The enterprise support team can provide you with deep technical expertise to quickly troubleshoot issues and minimize downtime.

The help desk is available to all subscribers with a Basic, Standard, or Premium subscription. Via the Proxmox Customer Portal you can create and manage your support tickets easily. When contacting our support team, you will be in touch with the same product engineers working on the code base.

Proxmox Customer Portal

Education and training

From the fundamentals to the advanced topics of Proxmox Virtual Environment, the right training course taught by certified Proxmox trainers helps you learn virtualization with Proxmox VE easily.

With a training you can adopt and implement the Proxmox VE solutions faster to improve your organization's productivity. More skills will unlock greater career potential for you.

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Setup and configuration service

Our team of experienced Proxmox partners, located globally, are available to assist you and your business on the set up and configuration of Proxmox solutions.

Find your partner in the global partner network:

Proxmox partner network


Online Support Services

You can access support information for your Proxmox products online. Connect with the community via our support forum, monitored by Proxmox staff, or read technical documentation, mailing lists, or find information in the project pages.

Information & Documentation


Take a look at the documentation for Proxmox products:

Project pages

Take a look at the project page for your product. You can find how-tos, installation guides, the release history and roadmap, and much more.

Life cycle and version support

All Proxmox versions are supported at least as long as their corresponding Debian version is oldstable. More details:

Communication channels

Community forum

Members in the support forum are always active and it's a great place to ask questions, find answers, share ideas, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

Community forum


Proxmox Bugzilla is our issue tracking system and you can report and track bugs there. You are unsure if it's really a bug? Please first post in a mailing list or in the forum.

Proxmox bug tracker

Mailing lists

Join one of our public mailing lists and post your technical questions, make a feature request, or start a development discussion. Or browse the archives.

Mailing lists

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Watch video tutorials on how to install, configure, and manage the Proxmox solutions.

Proxmox videos


Browse books about Proxmox Virtual Environment and related technology.


Benchmarks, whitepapers

The technical documents share relevant benefits of a technology or a specific topic.