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Since 2009, Tuxis develops innovative (private) cloud solutions with Proxmox VE at the core. Using Proxmox VE, Tuxis delivers Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Proxmox Servers. Tuxis is for customers who place high demands on capacity, privacy, continuity, personal service, high level of knowledge, and 24x7 live support.

For the high-end segment we developed the Tuxis Corporate Cloud (TCC); a datacenter-independent virtual datacenter based on Promox VE and Ceph. Tuxis ensures that data and data applications are secured and remain available. Additional services, such as DNS, domain names, backup, colocation and bulk storage, secures the availability chain as a whole. Tuxis realizes this from multiple privately connected data centers in the Netherlands. Tuxis also delivers Proxmox VE solutions on your location with their product TCC-edge.

Proxmox and Tuxis

Tuxis uses Proxmox VE since 2009. In 2014, we started using it together with Ceph which is seamlessly integrated. We build our own network between three datacenters and developed the TCC (Tuxis Corporate Cloud). The result is that data is written in three datacenters at real-time and backups can be done at high speed.

Customers can use the HA capabilities from Proxmox VE and also live migrate servers to other datacenters with zero downtime. Every customer has access to the Tuxis Marketplace that uses the Proxmox cloud-init integration for easy configuration.

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