Media Kit

Need images for a news story? Feel free to download our logo and screenshots below.


For media inquiries or interview request, please contact us at find out more about Proxmox Server Solutions and our products you can visit the following pages:

About us | Proxmox Virtual Environment | Proxmox Mail Gateway

Proxmox Brand Design

The Proxmox brand guideline is here to help to use the Proxmox brand consistently - whether online or in print material. The guideline explains how to use the visual design like the Proxmox logo, the symbol, the colors and fonts.

Download the Proxmox Brandguideline

Proxmox® Logo

Proxmox® is a registered trademark of Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH. You may use our logo exclusively to promote Proxmox products and services. You may not change any logo except to scale it. If unsure, please contact us first.

Proxmox logo
Download the Proxmox logo as PNG. Always link to

Please do not change the logo (colors, background, ...) or contact us if you want to do so. For when the context requires the use of black-and-white graphics, use the following black or white-orange logo.

Proxmox logo black
Download the Proxmox logo (black) as PNG. Always link to

Proxmox logo whiteorange for dark background
Download the Proxmox logo (white) as PNG. Always link to

Proxmox® Logo (stacked)

If you use the stacked logo version, do only use it like below: The Proxmox symbol plus the black wordmark.

Proxmox logo stacked
Download the Proxmox logo stacked version as PNG. Always link to


Feel free to use the screenshots below. Please credit Proxmox in your use.

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