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Vying Technologies

Vying Technologies is an Estonian based company providing multiple services to customers from anycast domain name services to custom websites based on NodeJS.

“Proxmox Virtual Environment is the best way to simplify your IT infrastructure and/or provide cloud.”

“Bonus: you can turn back in time and have your computer from yesterday. No more disruptions caused by ransomware! So, what's not to love about it? And for the desert: It's free and open-source.”

“Since using Proxmox VE at Vying Technologies, the most important improvement I have seen is that I’m no longer tied up to a bare-metal server. I can move wherever I want. And I can move anyone to wherever I want.”

“The services we offer to customers is mostly to virtualize their computers but also providing hosting using the Proxmox VE platform.”

“Why we chose Proxmox VE? I got a great feedback from a friend who is server genie and also I saw that Misaka Network Inc. is using Proxmox. This was more than enough to start.”

PS: All of us should buy a simple subscription just to honor the work of the Proxmox team.

Alexandru Petru
Vying Technologies