We develop powerful and efficient open-source software to simplify your server management. Proxmox products and services enable you to deploy an affordable, secure, and open-source IT infrastructure.

Development & Services

With the Proxmox technology you'll get those comprehensive yet easy-to-use software solutions you've always wanted. We also know that business continuity is at the heart of your organization. To minimize operational disruptions, we also provide technical assistance and other enterprise support services to keep your business up and running.

Each day we come together to listen to our users, solve problems, and thus continue to improve our products and services. Together with our worldwide partner network and our huge, active open-source community, we are here to guarantee your efficient workflows. Businesses of any size, sector or industry as well as NPOs or the educational sector all use the open-source platforms from Proxmox.


Our Story


Back in 2005, Martin Maurer and Dietmar Maurer founded the company Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH.

Our Proxmox company history starts just shortly before our first product, Proxmox Mail Gateway, is released. Our goal is to create efficient and easy-to-manage GNU/Linux software products, so everyone is able to build secure, stable, and scalable IT environments.


Three years later, in 2008, the first stable version 0.9 of Proxmox Virtual Environment, our open-source server virtualization platform, launches. The solution is the first of its kind to combine container-based virtualization and KVM hypervisors on a single platform, and enable users to manage it with the integrated web interface.


From the beginning, Proxmox Virtual Environment has a backup tool built in, which works great for smaller backups. To also provide backup for large VMs, and to minimize the duration of backups and the storage usage, we develop the Proxmox Backup Server, based on the Rust programming language, and release the first stable version in 2020.

The popularity of Proxmox solutions is constantly growing. We are expanding our team as well as our product functionalities, always tailored to the specific needs of our customers and users.

We're hiring

Here at Proxmox, we believe software should be open-source and easy to use. For better work and life. Want to work with open-source? We are looking for talented people like you.

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The Proxmox technology

What makes us different from other solutions?

Open-Source stack

Building on open-source software allows us to collaborate with many global communities and jointly use and develop cutting-edge technologies. At Proxmox we believe everybody should have the right to access the source code of a software and be able to run it, build on it, or submit changes back to the project. This guarantees full access to all functionalities for everybody - as well as high security and reliability. At Proxmox we are committed to use open-source software whenever possible.


Proxmox Server Solutions is an independent and profitable company, with our customers and supporters as our only investors.


Benefits of the Proxmox Technology


Ease of use

All Proxmox solutions are well documented and easy to learn: after installing them with the automatic installation wizard, you will get a fully functional system within just a few minutes. For configuration and management, your team conveniently uses the integrated web interface.


Open-source software also helps to keep your costs low. You can avoid vendor lock-in by making your core infrastructure independent from a single vendor. Proxmox solutions are easy to budget: there are no licensing costs. Our optional subscription offers are clear and simple.

The Proxmox Linux kernel

Proxmox solutions are based on a highly-tweaked version of Debian GNU/Linux and a rock-solid Linux kernel. GNU/Linux provides great performance and is an extremely stable and reliable platform for servers. The Linux kernel also supports a wide range of hardware configurations - from commodity systems to high performance multiprocessor servers.

Easy integration

All Proxmox solutions can be easily integrated into your existing IT environment. We use the same core technologies for all of our products. If you are familiar with one Proxmox product, then you are familiar with the rest of them.