Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.0 beta released

We're really excited to announce the release of the brand new Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.0 beta, now fully licensed under the open source license AGPL!

After 12 years on the market we did a complete re-work of our Proxmox Mail Gateway.

Here are the highlights

  • Based on Debian Stretch 9.3 with a 4.13.13 kernel
  • ISO installer supports all ZFS raid levels
  • ExtJS based user interface
  • New API
  • Integrated documentation
  • Subscription-based enterprise support options (similar to the Proxmox VE support subscription model)

Of course, all the features you know from the Proxmox Mail Gateway 4 are included. All included - no hidden cost nor extra license:

  • Object-Oriented Rule System
  • Virus and Spam filters
  • Message Tracking Center
  • End User Quarantine Web Interface
  • User Management and LDAP
  • Dashboard and Statistics
  • Clustering (Master/Slave synchronisation via SSH tunnel)

Download Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.0 beta ISO

Source Code