MassiveGRID is a worldwide high-end service provider, with over 14 years of hands-on experience in the fields of high availability service hosting, turn-key service solutions, and development.

“With our strategy for unsurpassed quality and 100% customer satisfaction, we differentiate ourselves from competition”, says Vasileios Stoidis, CEO at MassiveGRID. “Proxmox VE is our preferred option for server virtualization management software, especially since security, efficiency, and stability are our top priorities. We thrive for excellence, and are committed to providing a leading class service, mainly focusing on open-source architecture to avoid vendor lock-in and to increase flexibility & freedom of choice.”

“Several years ago, we decided to use Proxmox VE since it supported Ceph storage. And over time our decision proved right. Now, years later we have expanded to multiple infrastructures, both shared and private in four continents, supporting all kinds of different OS and services. More specifically, through Proxmox VE, hardware maintenance and upgrade is easy and straightforward with effortless migration, avoiding down-time on any of our customers services.”

“The multi-master clustering functionality ensures that all our HA infrastructures remain manageable at all times. Network configuration allows us both public or private networking in a secure and isolated environment. Dedicated resources from our clients are always isolated and available using Proxmox VE limitation, especially CPU units and disk throttle.”

“Wrapping-up, we consider Proxmox a valuable partner, and we envisage a long and prosperous relationship with them.”

Vasileios Stoidis - MassiveGRID CEO


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