Free Software Foundation Europe

"Free Software Foundation Europe is Europe's leading advocacy organisation for Free Software, working since to raise awareness for software freedom since 2001.

Having used container-based virtualisation for some years already, FSFE wanted to switch to a modern and flexible virtualisation platform for our recently donated servers. FSFE's sysadmin team looked into different options, and Proxmox VE turned out to provide exactly what we needed: High availability features, ease of use and proper integration of a shared storage technology (Ceph) without the need to set up separate storage systems. Of course, any solution used by FSFE needs to be free software, and Proxmox VE is available under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

FSFE is using both OpenVZ containers and highly available KVM machines to provide different services to its staff and volunteers. The operating system of choice in the virtual machines is Debian GNU/Linux, on which Proxmox VE itself is based as well. Depending on future requirements, any Free Software operating system might follow.

FSFE's admin team was surprised by both the simplicity of the setup of the cluster nodes as well as the intuitive web interface. We also found the noVNC console very convincing."

Martin Gollowitzer, Voluntary System Administrator at FSFE


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