Alpha IT AS

“I first came across Proxmox VE when I started working at Alpha IT AS. Before, I had only limited experience with virtualization systems. The reason was that I have always been told, and indeed experienced by my own, that dealing with virtual machines was a hassle that you just never want a part of: Virtualized systems always have terrible performance issues, I was told. And indeed, I found the systems I’ve tested to be cumbersome to install, and it was always troublesome to get good information out of the central system.

I quickly discovered that Proxmox VE makes a lot of this hassle disappear. It gives you easy access to all the information you need. And where with other software I had to hack a workaround to any problem that came up, I usually find that Proxmox VE already has an out of the box feature that does exactly what I need.

Thus far, I’ve handled VM migration, Proxmox version updates, VM access sharing, routine updates and maintenance to VMs, as well as some support work, installation of additional software on clients’ VMs and the likes. If I can’t quickly discern how to handle a task from the UI alone, the wiki has the answer practically every time. The one time I got really stuck, the online support chat did sort out my problem within moments.

Our company delivers the full spectrum of IT services for small to medium businesses, ranging from server and workstation hosting, hardware acquisition and network setups down to support, maintenance and updates for our existing clients. Currently we have over 50 virtual servers and about 600 virtual user PCs running, and Proxmox, simply put, enables me to handle my workload while easily keeping up with how our systems are doing. It saves us time, money, and server rack space. Proxmox VE sits at the core of our business, and that is very unlikely to change.”

Jørgen Vehusheia, Sysadmin at Alpha IT


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